Benedetto Cavalieri Artisanal Pasta

Benedetto Cavalieri is one of the leading (of a small handful) family owned companies that produce pasta by old-world artisanal methods. Founded in 1918, Benedetto Calvalieri continues the family tradition of making pasta according to the time-honored "Delicate method." Using only the highest-quality, freshly milled hard durum wheat (also known as semolina), the process involves long kneading by experienced hands. Every shape of pasta requires a unique blend of semolina flour and water. Secondly, the dough slowly passes through special bronze dies designed to create each shape and give the pasta a rough-textured surface to which sauce clings rather than slipping off. Lastly, after shaping, the pasta is allowed to dry in antique ovens and rest at low temperatures (from 24 to 40 hours depending on the pasta's shape and thickness). Slow drying at low temperatures retains more of the nutty flavor and aroma of durum wheat. Pure, delicious and versatile, Benedetti Cavalieri pasta is one pantry essential you won't want to be without - buonissimo!


  • Capelli d'angelo (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Spaghettoni (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Tagliatelle (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Lasagnotte (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Spaghettine (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Bucatini (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Food service sizes available


  • Tubettini rigati (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Caserecci (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Maccheroni (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Penne rigate (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Fusilli (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Lumache (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Rotelle (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Ruote pazze (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Orecchiette (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Farfalle (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Orecchiette maritate (1 lb.) Cello bag
  • Food service sizes available
  • 1999 Award - Winner Best Pasta at the Fancy Food Show

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  • The most important factor in producing flavorful pasta secca (dried pasta) is drying. Traditional pasta is dried at low temperatures, around 104 degrees, for a long time; industrial pasta may be dried very quickly at temperatures ranging from 140 to 190 degrees or higher. Low-temperature drying helps maintain the aroma and flavor of the wheat.

  • Benedetto Cavalieri suggests the following culinary uses for pasta:
    - Noodle soup: Tubettini rigati, capelli d’angel
    - Mushroom sauce or pesto: Farfalle, lasagnotte, tagliatelle
    - Fish sauce: Spaghettine, bucatini
    - Sauté seasonal vegetables: Spaghettoni, fusilli, orecchiette maritate, caserecci
    - Peeled tomato sauce: Maccheroni, penne rigate
    - Diced fresh tomatoes or mint pesto: Ruote pazze, rotelle, lumache
    - Sausages or meat sauce: Orecchiette

  • The hard durum wheat or semolina used to make Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is higher in protein than softer bread flour. In addition, the traditional "Delicate method" of slow drying at low temperatures helps preserve the nutritional value of the wheat, including wheat protein.