Ortiz Tuna

Established in 1891 by Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate of Vizcaya, Spain, the world-renowned Ortiz seafood company is today operated by the family's fifth generation of food artisans. The Ortia family upholds the traditional methods upon which the company was founded: local fishermen use pole lines to catch one-by-one the prized Bonito del Norte (Atlantic white tuna) and nets for classic Basque anchovies. Ortiz seafood is known as "Delicacies of the Cantabrian Sea" and is procured around the globe by the most discriminating chefs, patrons and specialty food shops.

  • Bonito Del Norte (White Tuna)
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil (7.8 Ounces) Glass jar
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil, Aged 4-5 Months (3.95 Ounces) Tin
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil (3.25 Ounces) Tin
  • Food service sizes available
  • Bonito del Norte Ventresca
  • "Ventresca" White Tuna Belly in Olive Oil (3.85 Ounces) Tin
  • Bonito del Norte Family Reserve
  • Reserva Famillia White Tuna in Olive Oil (3.95 Ounces) Tin
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil (7.8 Ounces) Glass jar
  • Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
  • Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Tuna (10.55 Ounces) Tin

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  • Bonito Del Norte (White Tuna) A homemade specialty of Ortiz, the Bonito del Norte is the most prized of the tuna family, appreciated for its pure white flesh, delicate texture and superb taste. Line caught, within a 24-hour period, the fish is cooked in seawater and the loins are hand-packed in olive oil and left to mature for at least two months. Serve as an antipasto, hors d'oeuvres, and part of Spanish tapas.

    Bonito del Norte Ventresca The softest and most delicate part, the white tuna belly is light and sweet in flavor. Considered a gourmet luxury, Ortiz hand-packs each filet in olive oil.

    Bonito del Norte Family Reserve Aged an additional year in the Ortiz cellars, family reserve has a rich tuna flavor and wonderful smooth texture.

    Yellowfin Tuna Highly valued in many cultures since ancient times, Ortiz uses the most scrupulous criteria (weight no more than 30 kilograms, distinct region, fishing season and method) to select its Yellowfin tuna. Packed in olive oil, the fillets are tender, moist and full of flavor.

    Stuffed Piquillo Peppers Ortiz packs char-grilled Spanish piquillo peppers with premium white tuna and tops them with a small amount of tomato sauce. Warmed and ready in minutes, the stuffed peppers are perfect as an appetizer. The peppers contain no additives or preservatives.