Liquid Gold Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils from France, Italy, and Spain

Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils from France, Italy, and Spain

Olives and grapes thrive in the rather harsh conditions of the Mediterranean basin. They both profit from warm sunny days and cool nights. They can produce exceptional oils and wines when grown on not so fertile clay and limestone soils. Under the guiding hand of the people who cultivate the land, care for the plants, bring in and process the harvest, they express the full aroma and taste of the unique place they were grown and produced. That place is often protected by law to ensure the quality of the product.

Extra Virgin is the finest category of olive oil. It is legally defined as superior quality olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. It has an acidity level less than 0.8. Virgin means that no heat has been applied to extract the oil. Superior quality means that the oil has no defects. No solvents may be used. The olives must be physically crushed.

When the olives are harvested, they are not allowed to fall to the ground. They are processed within hours of harvesting. They are separated from the leaves and twigs then washed. The olives are ground to a paste. Grinding time and temperature must be precisely controlled. The temperature cannot rise above 80°F. Usually, a centrifuge is used to separate the oil from the solids (pomace)and olive water. The oil is drawn off and stored in gas flushed tanks.


This oil is our liquid gold.

Château Miraval Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New York Olive Oil Competition 2018- Silver

The oil is a blend of 100% organic Verdale, Picholine, Tranche, Lucques, Aglandau, Cayon and Arboussane olives. It has an aroma of freshly cut grass. The palette is pungent with notes of almonds, hazelnuts and artichoke. The finish is long and spicy.

Badia a Coltibuono Albereto Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New York Olive Oil Competition 2017-Gold

Badia a Coltibuono ‘s olive grove at Podere Albereto overlooks the Arno River Valley. It is dedicated to the production of organic extra virgin olive oil. The oil is pressed from 100% estate grown Leccio del Corno and Frantoio olives. This emerald green oil has a grassy perfume with notes of asparagus, tarragon and sage. It is intensely flavored with a peppery finish.  

Limited Edition



New York Olive Oil International Competition 2018 & 2019- Gold

Estate grown, custom blended EVOO, processed within twelve hours of the olives being harvested. The oil is predominately Picual blended to taste with Arbequina and Cornicabra. Its aromas are reminiscent of green tomato, freshly mown grass, artichoke and green almonds. It has a persist finish dominated by a pleasant spicy finish.

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