Riseria Campanini win a Gold sofi™ Award for Vialone Nano Rice

Congratulations Campanini! 

Our long time partners RISERIA CAMPANINI win a Gold sofi™ AWARD for VIALONE NANO RICE.


The Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards have been honoring the best in specialty food for 48 years. We are proud to announce that Vialone Nano Rice by Riseria Campanini from Italy received a Gold award this year.

For three generations, Riseria Campanini has selected the best rice varieties with the utmost care from traditional rice-growing areas in Northern Italy.Vialone Nano rice by Campanini, grown in Verona and Mantua, is the traditional rice in the region. It absorbs twice its weight in liquid and maintains its shape and texture. In addition, its high starch content makes it ideal for making creamy risottos. 



The traditional rice of Verona and Mantua. It absorbs twice its weight in liquid. Maintains its shape and texture. Its high starch content makes it ideal for making creamy risotti.

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