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Cipriani Gift Box

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This Cipriani exclusive gift box is designed for pasta aficionados and culinary lovers alike. This collection features an assortment of five gourmet pastas and three sumptuous pasta sauces, accompanied by a trio of signature Cipriani beverages.

Included are three varieties of organic egg pasta: the traditional Pappardelle, Tagliatelle enhanced with spinach, and the award-winning Tagliolini "Delicata," which is crafted solely from Italian durum wheat and egg whites. These pastas boast quick cooking times of just 2-5 minutes. The selection is complemented by 2 cuts of classic durum wheat pastas like fusilli and rigatoni.

The journey through Venice continues with Cipriani organic pasta sauces. Enjoy the rich Organic Pomod'oro Sauce made with top-quality Tuscan tomatoes, the savory Organic Sansovina Sauce crafted with a blend of tomatoes, carrots, onions, and basil, and the distinctive Organic Pesto, made with pure Tuscan Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, uniquely free from cheese and garlic. Cipriani Pesto is very concentrated, it is suggested to dilute with a little cooking water as it will flavor up to 10 servings. 

Complete your dining experience with the iconic Cipriani beverage selection. Celebrate with a glass of Zero Zero Rosegold Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine, create a refreshing mixed drink with Eloise Mediterranean Tonic Water, and conclude with the iconic Cipriani Virgin Bellini

Each item is thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented in an iconic blue Cipriani gift box, making it a truly luxurious and versatile choice for any gifting need: the perfect present for that special someone, the home chef, or as a thoughtful hosting gift, among many other occasions. 

Cheers to unforgettable meals with Cipriani! 


This box includes: 

Cipriani Organic Pappardelle Egg Pasta 8.82 oz Box

Cipriani Organic Tagliarelle with Spinach Egg Pasta 8.82 oz Box

Cipriani Organic Tagliolini "Delicata" Egg Pasta 8.82 oz Box 

Cipriani Rigatoni Durum Wheat Pasta 17.64 oz Bag

Cipriani Fusilli Durum Wheat Pasta 17.64 oz Bag

Cipriani Pomod'oro Sauce 11.99 oz Jar

Cipriani Sansovina Sauce 11.99 oz Jar

Cipriani Pesto Sauce 4.59 oz Jar

Cipriani Virgin Bellini- 4 pack 

Cipriani Eloise Mediterranean Tonic Water - 4 pack

Cipriani Zero Zero RoseGold Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine- 750 ML Bottle

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