Esprit Du Sel
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Esprit du Sel Sea Salt Caramels

Pack/Case Size 12/5 OZ France
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These luscious caramels are known as the “saunier’s (salt gatherer’s) delight because their rich flavor is heightened by a pinch of genuine fleur de sel “flower of the salt.” Made by combining certified butter from the Charentes-Poitou region, sugar, spices and Pineau des Charentes wine. This combination imparts the characteristic tender, creamy quality and lingering taste of this authentic French country caramel.
  • Country of Origin France
  • Unit size 5 OZ
  • Dessert Type Caramel
Meet The Producer Esprit du Sel France Founded in 1986 to offer a range of sea salts & fleur de sel blended with herbs & spices. View Full Profile
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