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Carma Chocolate,madagasr 64%

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- Couverture from the «Origin Rare» range - Fine cocoa from Madagascar - Fruity taste - Long lasting taste - Unique personality Dark Madagascar 64%, is a dark chocolate couverture from the CARMA® Origin Rare range and is made with fine flavor cocoa from Madagascar. You can taste the roasted nuts and a hint of fruit. In combination with the aroma of ebony, it is absolute bliss and has a very unique personality. Couverture Blend: Min. 64% Cocoa: 38.9% Cocoa butter, 26.2% Fat-free cocoa (solids) Min. 0% Milk: 0% Milk fat, 0% Fat-free milk (solids) Min. 38.9% Fat: 38.9% Cocoa butter, 0% Milk fat Fluidity: medium •• Kosher, Halal

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