Casarecci, Potatoes and Green Beans with Pesto Genovese


  • 2 tablespoons sea salt
  • 2 medium-size potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1/2 lb. green beans, trimmed and cut diagonally into 1-inch pieces
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Freshly grated Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for serving


Time: 45 minutes
  • Bring a large pot of water to boil. When the water reaches a boil, add 1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt.
  • Put the potatoes in a pot with water to cover.
  • Add the other tablespoon of salt.
  • Bring to a boil, lower to simmer. When they are just cooked through, drain.
  • Return to the pot and cover until needed.
  • Blanch the beans in the pasta water for 3 minutes. Lift them out and add them to the potatoes.
  • Cook the Casarecci according to the package instructions. Reserve a ½ cup of the cooking liquid. Drain. Return the pasta to the pot and combine with the potatoes and beans.
  • In a small bowl, blend the pesto sauce with just enough reserved cooking water to make a smooth consistency. Pour the sauce over the pasta.
  • Gently combine and mix the ingredients well over low heat.
  • Transfer the pasta and vegetables to a platter or bowl and serve immediately.
  • Serve grated cheese on the side.
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