Spaghettini Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino




Time: 20 minutes
  • In a large pot, bring 5-6 quarts of water to a vigorous boil. Add sea salt. Add pasta and stir.
  • In a generous sauté pan, large enough to hold pasta and sauce, gently sauté garlic over medium-low heat. Do not brown.
  • Add the anchovies to the oil and garlic. Cook briefly, mashing anchovy pieces into oil with a fork.
  • Stir in chili pepper and half the parsley, and carefully add a ladle full of the pasta cooking water. Let simmer and reduce slightly while pasta finishes cooking. Start testing pasta after it has cooked for 5 minutes. When it is still a little chewy in the center, drain and add it to the pan with sauce. Turn heat up slightly, cook, mix pasta and sauce together well for 1 to 2 minutes or until pasta is done to taste.
  • Place pasta into a pre-heated serving bowl, sprinkle with remaining minced parsley and serve immediately.
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