Beef, Pork and Lamb

"Tagliata di Manzo" Grilled Ribeye with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Emilia -Romagna is renowned for its cattle, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Tradizionale DOP.  This recipe uses all three in a combination that is unbeatable. This is a great recipe to use for Father’s Day (if Dad is a carnivore). Dry-aged steaks will make this a memorable gastronomic event.



Time: 30 Minutes
Yield: Serves 1-2
  • Put the steaks in a large baking dish with enough olive oil just to coat in a thin layer. Turn the meat a few times to distribute the oil. Set aside at room temperature while you prepare the grill.
  • Fire up the grill for direct-heat cooking or preheat a gas grill to cook over medium-high heat. Place the meat over the flame or coals and cook 2–4 minutes per side., turning once, until the surface is browned and sizzling on both sides. Remove from the heat when the interior reads 125°F for medium-rare. The meat will continue cooking as it rests. Transfer the steaks to a cutting board, season both sides with sea salt and black pepper, and set aside to rest for 5 minutes.
  • Once the meat has rested, thinly slice crosswise and on the diagonal against the grain. Transfer to a warm platter, drizzle with more olive oil and a liberal pour of balsamic vinegar. Top with Parmigiano-Reggiano and arugula. Season with additional salt and pepper. Serve hot.
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