Amedei Tuscany
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Amedei Couverture Gianduja

Pack/Case Size 5/35.2 OZ Italy
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A kilogram block (35.3 OZ) of pure Amedei chocolate crafted with a finer grind of cocoa solids and extra cocoa butter for superior performance in tempering and other confectionary fabrication. Accompanied by concise instructions, and product specifications to professionally utilize the product.
  • Organic Yes
  • Kosher Yes
  • Bulk Yes
  • Couverture Yes
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Region TUSCANY
  • Unit size 2.2 LB
  • Chocolate Type Milk
  • Dessert Type Chocolate
Meet The Producer Amedei Toscana Italy Made-in-Tuscany craftsmanship & taste make Amedei chocolate recognizable the world over. View Full Profile
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