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Menu Tomato Cherry Dorati with Basil 6/28 Oz

Features / Benefits:

  • Made with extra virgin olive oil

Dorati Pomodori
Ciliegini al Basilico
Semidry Cherry Tomato with Basil

Cherry tomatoes, grown in Italy and hand picked when perfectly ripe. The delicate cherry tomato is then sliced in half and semi dried. We then pack our Dorati in olive and sunflower oil, and fresh picked basil.
Culinary Application
Preserved without vinegar or sulfites, this elegant cherry tomato is perfect for starters, pizza topping, pasta dressing, in sandwiches, on bruchettas or as a side dish. Mild and delicate, Dorati is perfect when combined with herbs, olives, or utilized across tomato enhanced recipes.

    A great sauce for beef or chicken cacciatore.
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