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Bakbel Europe S.a. Glaze,chocolate

This highly innovative glaze is ready to use, without any heating step and without any addition of other ingredients. Convenient product, it only needs to be gently stirred and poured on top of cakes. The glaze will hold on the sides of the cakes. The product is suitable to cover all shapes. • Shiny • Freeze/thaw stable. • Ready to use (no need to heat). • Works on all shapes of cakes. • Good hold after application, 2-3 days at refrigerate d temperature (37°-41°F). • Thixotropic How to use: You first need to break the texture so gently mix the product (no whisk to avoid air incorporation). The product will come liquid with the correct viscosity to cover the pastry with a thin laye r of glaze. Product can be applied directly on the pastry (better if coming out of the freeze r) with a ladle for example. Once the cake is covered avoid any further manipulation and put it in the refrigerator (37°-41°F).
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