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776 Deluxe PGI "Olympia" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pack/Case Size 6/16.9 FL OZ Greece
CULTIVAR: A blend of two regional varieties; 85% Koroneiki and 15% Kolireiki NOTES: The olives are carefully harvested by hand and cold pressed the same day. This PGI Olympia oil has a ripe tomato aroma with vegetal notes of tomato leaves. Buttery aftertaste with hints of black pepper. Well balanced and versatile. PAIRINGS: To drizzle, pour or slather over all manner of mezedes or small plates, to marinade lamb or poultry before grilling and on fish before and after the fire.
  • Country of Origin Greece
  • Region OLYMPIA
  • Unit size 500 ML
  • Fruitiness Delicate
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