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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Bottle

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  • EVOO
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POPELIN, A PHARMACIST, OPENED A SHOP IN THE MARAIS TO ACQUAINT HIS PARISIAN CLIENTS WITH PROVENÇAL OILS IN 1822. He believed “l’or vert est un elixir” (“the green gold is an elixir”). Modern science agrees. The nearly 200-year-old enterprise is still privately held and keeps its shop in the Marais. The main task of A L’Olivier is the meticulous selection of its olive oils to ensure impeccable quality. To that end, they scour the oil-producing regions of the Mediterranean to unearth the best vintages for you. Handsomely packaged.

Mère goutte is a 19th-century term that refers to the first drops of oil to fall from the olive pâté before it has been pressed. Connoisseurs deemed this first drop to be the best. Today, the term Mère goutte is a hallmark of A L’Olivier, indicating an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

CULTIVAR: Arbequina, Hojiblanca, and Picual

NOTES: This well-balanced, medium-fruity oil has an attractive aroma of citrus fruits, cut grass, and culinary herbs with floral undertones. In the mouth, it is a salad bowl of leafy flavors—the bitterness and pepper of arugula and a lingering herbaceous aftertaste.

  • Country of Origin France
  • Region Nice
On a salad of mixed greens or string beans with a tomato coulis, as a dressing for a potato and mussel salad with tarragon, for bathing roasted peppers in oil with garlic and basil, sautéed zucchini with mint and any variety of ripe summer vegetables.
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