Villa Manodori
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Villa Manodori Taggiasaca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pack/Case Size 6/250 ML Italy
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CULTIVAR: 100% Taggiasca olives. NOTES: The olive trees grow on sunny mountain terraces bathed by a sea breeze that lends a special character to this oil. Goldenyellow color with delicate flavor of almonds and ripe fruit. Sweet and rounded finish. PAIRINGS: Use for dishes where you don’t want the flavor of the oil to dominate. To prepare a fish soup, to dress an insalata di mare, or on a potato salad.
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Region MODENA
  • Unit size 1/250 ML
  • Oil type Monovarietal
  • Monovarietal type Taggiasca
  • Fruitiness Delicate
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