Villa Manodori
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Villa Manodori Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pack/Case Size 12/500 ML Italy
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CULTIVAR: Blend of typical Tuscan varietals; Mariaolo and Leccino. NOTES: Villa Manodori Extra Virgin Olive Oil was created to compliment Villa Manodori Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Spicy, green tomato flavor derives from handpicked olives that are cold pressed. Medium pungency and bitterness. PAIRINGS: Villa Manodori Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all- purpose oil used extensively by Massimo Bottura from the preparation to the finishing of plates at Osteria Francescana. Try this on a salad of arugula, apples, bacon and shaved Parmigiano with aceto balsamico or as the flavoring in an olive oil gelato sprinkled with sea salt.
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Region MODENA
  • Unit size 500 ML
  • Oil type Blend
  • Fruitiness Medium
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