SINCE 1932, THREE GENERATIONS OF THE BARBIERI FAMILY HAVE PRODUCED TYPICAL ITALIAN FOODS THAT ARE MINIMALLY PROCESSED, preserve the integrity of the ingredient’s taste, texture, and color. The tomatoes for the Pomodorina Sauces are 100% Italian, mainly local from Emilia -Romagna.

Pasta sauce often means tomato sauce. We present four superior versions of traditional tomato sauces whose culinary use extend beyond tossing with pasta. Use these to braise chicken, lamb shanks, pork ribs or eggplant Parmesan. Made from selected tomatoes, cooked in small batches, in the tradition of the family kitchen.

Within just two hours, the freshly picked, perfectly ripe and sweet fruit is milled and kettle cooked in small batches just as you would at home.

1932 Pomodorina Sauces Products

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