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Eugène popelin, a pharmacist, opened a shop in the marais to acquaint his parisian clients with provençal oils in 1822. He believed “l’or vert est un elixir” (“the green gold is an elixir”). Modern science agrees. The nearly 200 year- old enterprise is still privately held and keeping shop in the Marais.

The main task of A L’Olivier is the meticulous selection of its olive oils and vinegars to ensure impeccable quality. To that end, they scour the regions of the Mediterranean to unearth the best vintages for you. Handsomely packaged.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils from NICE, Infused EVOOS from France, Italy, & Spain, Fruit Pulp Vinegars, Nut Oils, Vinaigrettes, and an array of traditional wine, cider & infused vinegar- A L'Olivier offers a variety of products of impeccable quality.

Infused Oils are naturally aromatized with herbs, spices, fruit, and fungi. The secret behind the market's most sought-after range of infused oils lies in the generous amounts of fresh and flavorsome plants used for the infusion. The exclusive extraction process captures the fragrances and flavors of the fields, forests and terraces of the Mediterranean. These aromatic olive oils provide inspiration for the food lover's imagintation.

A L'OLIVIER Products

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