Producers AMEDEI TUSCANY Italy

EXPERTISE, RESEARCH AND UNIQUENESS ARE VALUES OF AMEDEI SINCE 1990. THE CRAFT PRODUCTION FACILITY IS IN THE GREEN TUSCAN HILLS OUTSIDE OF PISA. Amedei controls the whole supply chain from the selection of the rarest beans through fabrication, using traditional techniques. Amedei superior creations are made with top-quality raw materials, using only Italian PGI, PAT and PDO fruits paired with the chocolate blends. There are no added preservatives, artificial flavors or soy lecithin in any product. Made-in-Tuscany style craftmanship and taste make Amedei chocolate recognizable the world over. Its commitment to quality pairings and taste makes Amedei the innovator in cacao culture. Amedei imagines combinations and recipes that create balance among ingredients, textures and aromas and has been awarded illustrious international prizes. Italian expertise, simplicity and passion for chocolate blended to taste, bring to mind the magic of its land of origin:Tuscany.


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