Producers EDMOND FALLOT France

LA MOUTARDERIE HAS BEEN STONE-GRINDING MUSTARD IN BEAUNE, THE ANCIENT WINE CAPITAL OF BURGUNDY, SINCE 1840. The last independent, family-held mustard mill in Burgundy is committed to traditional manufacturing methods and know-how of steeping the seeds in verjuice, vinegar, brine and white wine. EDMOND FALLOT uses the finest ingredients; Burgundy mustard seeds, IGP Burgundy white wine, Dijon black currants, Périgord walnuts, French tarragon and family recipes to artfully blend this authentic Dijon mustard. The result is an incomparable robust flavor not available in commercially produced “Dijon-style” mustards. Mustard production has been important to the regional economy since the 14th Century. Edmond Fallot encourages a revival of mustard cultivation and works to preserve and further the traditional foodways of Burgundy.


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