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Menu Red Radicchio Rosso - Salsa al Radicchio Rosso Red radicchio, “julienne” sliced, delicate and full flavor and deep red color. This type of sauce is typical of North-East Italy and is widely used in cooking. To make this delicious sauce Menù uses Chioggia round red chicory which, thanks to its balanced and not overly-bitter flavor, is particularly suitable for making sauces. When it arrives at Menù the red radicchio is cored and sorted by hand; the sliced red radicchio is then combined with salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar to give it a particular aromatic note. Culinary Application This sauce is widely used in the creation of first courses, and risottos in particular, but also for fillings oven-based pasta dishes and when preparing delicious pizzas. When making first courses this product is used as is or diluted with cheese spread. A refined flavoring for first courses, rice and pasta, side dishes, sandwiches, pizzas and crêpes.
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