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Conservas Ortiz Bonito del Norte "Ventresca" Tuna Belly

Pack/Case Size 10/110 G Spain
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Ventresca is cut from a triangular area on the bottom of the fish near the head. Preserved as fine fillets in olive oil, the belly meat is the most tender, delicate and subtly flavored cut of all. Conservas Ortiz uses only unbroken fillets, hand-packed in extra virgin olive oil. This is the tuna to use in Niçoise salad.
  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Unit size 3.88 OZ
  • Seafood Type Bonito del Norte
  • Preparation in Olive Oil
Meet The Producer Conservas Ortiz Spain In 1891 Conservas Ortiz started practicing respectful fishing methods for five generations. View Full Profile
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