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“Shared Passions” Cookbook


Cooking is an act of love.

The NEW! De Medici cookbook “Shared Passions” brings together the finest producers to inspire cooking healthy and delicious meals at home with over 100 original recipes. The recipes read like chapters of a never-ending story written to capture exciting flavors, generate new ideas, bring people around a table, and reinforce one of the most basic principles in the kitchen: Cooking is an act of love.

• Currently available as a kitchen-ready PDF download.

• Find inspiration for your purchases with joyous recipes.

• Recipe Categories include: Cocktails, Small Plates, Soups, Salads, Rice & Grains, Pasta, Vegetables, Fish & Shellfish, Beef/Pork/Lamb, Poultry, Pizza & Flatbreads, Desserts, and Sauces

• Bound collector’s version coming in 2021.

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