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Carma Chocolate, Ivoire 35%

- Classic white chocolate - Perfect delicate ivory color - Milky and creamy taste White Ivoire 35% is a classic white chocolate with a delicate ivory color. The high cocoa butter content combined with the Swiss milk and natural vanilla give this couverture its enchanting milky and rich taste. It is a feast for the eye and palate. Couverture Blend: Min. 35% Cocoa: 36.5% Cocoa butter, 0% Fat-free cocoa (solids) Min. 19.2% Milk: 3.7% Milk fat, 16.5% Fat-free milk (solids) Min. 40.3% Fat: 36.5% Cocoa butter, 3.7% Milk fat Fluidity: medium • • Kosher, Halal

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