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In 2021, Emily Kellogg and Pierre Pouplard opened EJ Chocolates in Woodstock, NY. De Medici has a long- standing relationship with these chefs. We wanted to share this amazing product made with the finest ingredients.

"All of our bonbons and confections are handcrafted to bring our customers only the best experience."

Your shop is located in Woodstock, NY. Is there a particular reason you chose that location?

"I was born and raised in Woodstock. I never planned on moving back, but we visited my mother during the pandemic and discovered the space for rent. One thing led to another, and everything kind of naturally fell into place."

What did the two of you do before opening up the shop?

"I was the pastry sous for Gotham Bar and Grill and chocolatier for Gotham chocolates. Before Gotham, I worked at Per Se where I held the chocolatier position. Pierre was the savory sous chef at Per Se before opening the chocolate shop. We met at Per Se."

Your bonbons are made with Amedei Tuscany Chocolate which you purchase from De Medici. How come you choose Amedei?

We find the chocolate is excellent to work with. When you don't have all of the additives and emulsifiers added, and your chocolate is purer, you can showcase the quality better. Our customers also appreciate it when we can be transparent about sourcing our ingredients.

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