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Cipriani Food Virgin Bellini 6x4/180 ML

Pack/Case Size 6X4/180 ML
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 White peach puree and soda - A great and glamorous drink for everyone, mixed with sparkling wine, it is the famous BELLINI created by founder Giuseppe Cipriani. Together with Gin, Vodka, or white Rum, it becomes a fruit-based cocktail ideal for every season.

The fresh, fruity, and delicate aroma combines with the pleasant, light perlage that helps drink and balances the sweet peach puree. The result is a fresh and thirst-quenching cocktail, suitable to be consumed at any time. It brings back the typical Italian summer scents.

As per tradition, the best White Peaches are grown in the sun of Southern Europe, combined with the sparkling water of the ancient natural source of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

  • Non-Alcoholic 
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