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Miraval Lavender Honey

Pack/Case Size 6/500 GR (17.6 OZ) France
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Nestled in the southeastern corner of France, bordering Italy, sits Château Miraval in the historical region of Provence. This is where picturesque fields of lush lavender charm the senses, and honey bees work to produce the epitome of Provence tradition- Lavender Honey.

While the purple fields blossom, the bees gather the precious nectar during the summer months. The honey will be harvested at the beginning of September using environmentally friendly methods to protect the bees and preserve the richness of the lavender flavor.

Produced on the Miraval Estate in Provence, France, this lavender honey is a light amber color with a sweet and herbal flavor. It offers a tantalizing texture that is creamy yet crystalized. Stir into tea or coffee and spread on baked goods or drizzle on a tartine with brie.

  • Country of Origin France
  • Region Provence
  • Unit size 1/500 GR Jar
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