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Cipriani Food Organic Rigatoni

Pack/Case Size 12/500 GR
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Features / Benefits:

  • Organic
  • Certified Kosher
  • USDA Organic
  • Made from the best Italian durum wheat semolina

Discover the secret ingredient in the classic rigatoni dishes of the world-famous "Harry's Bar."

Cipriani Organic Rigatoni

  • Made from the best Italian durum wheat semolina
  • USDA Organic 

One of the great classics of Italian cuisine, expression of the genius of Cipriani's rural heritage

Cipriani durum wheat pasta is made with 100% Italian organic semolina. The high protein index gives the pasta elasticity and good cooking resistance. Furthermore, the special die creates a product with a rough texture that favors sauce absorption. 

Cipriani Industria (BRC certified) based in Meolo (VE) produces pasta that is considered among the best in Italy. Always striving for improvement, the pasta factory has also been joined in recent years by a Cipriani dairy, which was consecutively proclaimed the victor at Caseus Veneti 2020 and 2021, holding the first prize for the best buffalo mozzarella in the Veneto region.

In addition to its 'homemade' products, Cipriani Food markets many other products made using the method and recipes of Harry's Bar and components of traditional Italian dishes in all the group's restaurants worldwide.

Rigatoni, a hollow, curved spaghetti with ridges, goes particularly well with flavorful meat sauces.

  • Organic Yes
  • Kosher Yes
  • Unit size 1/500 GR
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