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Safinter Premium Spanish La Mancha Saffron

Pack/Case Size 10/1 G Spain
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Saffron is the stigma of the fall flowering Crocus Sativus. The blooms on the family estates are hand harvested at dawn. The stigmas are removed by hand, dried and graded. The highest quality filaments are bright red and joined in threes at the base. The unmistakable flavor and aroma of this exquisite spice is capable of raising any culinary creation to the category of sublime.
  • Kosher Yes
  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Region LA MANCHA
  • Unit size 1 GR
  • Spice Type Spanish Saffron
Meet The Producer Safinter Spain Since 1912, the Gonzalez Family harvests top grade saffron exclusively in La Mancha. View Full Profile
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