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La Rose Noire Cup,choc Wave

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La Rose Noire Chocolate Shells Wave Features • Single Origin Chocolate Shells are made with 69% couverture from plantation in South Philippines (Davao) • La Rose Noire Chocolate Shells are much thinner and shiny, because they are all handmade • The fruity and nutty taste comes from the special fermentation Beans: Trinitario is the majority Fermentation: 6 days covered with banana leaves Sun Drying: 7 days (depending on the humidity) Roasting time: 120 minutes at 120³C/248³F Conching time: 48 hours Vanilla: Only natural vanilla extract used Tasting profile: Nutty and floral with a strong chocolate flavor Packaging • One of a kind Shell Extruder! In each case, the top tray contains one shell extruder. Simply invert and place the chocolate shell tray on the extruder to release the shells after filling. • All trays will come in a plastic cover with sharp holes on the Chocolate Shell. You will be able to fill the shells, flat the filling with a spatula or spray directly on a plastic cover and remove it, having the tray ready in just a few minutes. Handling: Should be defrosted for 4 hours at 4³C/39³F 2.5-3.5g/0.09-.12 oz/pc 36 pcs/tray, 9 trays/box H: 10mm, .40 inches L: 62mm, 2.44 inches W: 24mm, .94 inches

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