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Leonce Blanc Puree,blackberry Fz

The Léonce Blanc teams prefer varieties with large black juicy and delicious berries for their blackberry purée.

Preserving the natural qualities of the fruit, Léonce Blanc blackberry purée provides the notes of this wild berry for pastries and desserts.

A selection of the best varieties of fruit, proof of the quality of our recipes To develop each Léonce Blanc recipe, fruit varieties are tested in our laboratory by our experts before selecting the fruit with the best original qualities: a rich profile and strong capacity for preservation.

We select the varieties from areas that produce the best fruits, from distant exotic regions like South America for passion fruit, to closer to home with pears, peaches and apricots from the Rhone Valley, France.

Ripeness at the heart of our selection process It’s because ripeness is essential to guarantee all the qualities of the purees, that we control and validate the natural sugar content of the fruit, upon selection and delivery.

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