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Del Destino Pepperoncini 4/1 Gal


Features / Benefits:

  • Clean Label
  • Available in a Sustainable Pouch
  • Great Source of Vitamins C & E
  • Rich in Antioxidents
Del Destino Pepperoncini bring a combination of subtle heat and mild sweetness to any dish. The tapered exterior of these small peppers features a vibrant yellow-green color and crunchy texture. These peppers are packed in brine to preserve freshness and ensure the consistent quality of this great-tasting product. Also known as Tuscan peppers, pepperoncini are perfect for a variety of culinary uses.
    Adds a pop of tangy flavor to any entrée, salad, sandwich or appetizer. Perfect for bringing brininess to antipasto platters. Use as a modern garnish for your favorite savory cocktail
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