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Caffè Vergnano, Italy's oldest coffee roasting company, has offered an authentic Italian coffee experience since 1882. Coffee roasting and brewing is the family's heritage that they preserve, hand down and share through the Academia Vergnano. The family adhere to the slow and traditional roasting process, origin by origin in order to exalt the aroma of each bean. 

"Passion, from Plantation to Cup."

Caffè Vergnano is faithful to the best traditions while being one of the most dynamic and avant-garde manufacturers. Since 1882, they have been selecting only the finest coffee beans, paying attention to each phase of the process from bean to cup. This is possible only because Caffe Vergnano is family owned and cared for four generations. 

A More Sustainable Coffee 

Caffè Vergnano meticulously chooses the best coffee origins and employs traditional, slow-roasting methods. They are committed to a distinctive production approach that prioritizes sustainable sourcing, stringent food safety standards, and ethical labor practices under close supervision.

In 2015, the company 
introduces ground-breaking compostable coffee capsules; both organic and compostable.

Women in Coffee

The Women in Coffee initiative, spearheaded by CEO Carolina Vergnano and launched in 2018, is a social sustainability project by Caffè Vergnano that concentrates on empowering women. 

he Women in Coffee initiative, in partnership with the International Women's Coffee Alliance, was established with the goal of assisting women working in small-scale coffee farms.

Caffè Vergnano in Every Cup.

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