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Conservas Ortiz Sardines "Old Style" in Olive Oil

Pack/Case Size 1.06X4.25X3.07 Spain
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Introducing "Conservas Ortiz Sardines 'Old Style' in Olive Oil" - a premium seafood delight featuring hand-cleaned, silvery Sardina pilchardus fried to perfection in extra virgin olive oil. These exquisite sardines are hand-packed in glass to maintain their high-quality taste and showcase their stunning beauty. With a flavor that improves over time, they become increasingly tender and delicate, making them a culinary gem.

Indulge in these sumptuous sardines by adding them to a refreshing salad with fennel and black olives, or elevate your breakfast with fisherman's eggs. Alternatively, savor the rich taste on buttered country bread for a simple yet satisfying treat. Experience the unparalleled taste of Conservas Ortiz Sardines "Old Style" in Olive Oil and bring a touch of gourmet elegance to your dining table.

  • Brand ORTIZ
  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Preparation in Olive Oil
Meet The Producer Conservas Ortiz Spain In 1891 Conservas Ortiz started practicing respectful fishing methods for five generations. View Full Profile
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