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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pack/Case Size 6/700 ML France
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  • EVOO
  • Product of France

Highest quality Silver Seal artisan balsamic with the respected Cavalli name.

  • Aged a minimum of 12 years, rich and complex
  • Intense bouquet with a plummy sweetness
  • The Cavalli name assures the highest quality

Ferdinando “Nando” Cavalli, the celebrated founder of his own Lambrusco and sparkling wine company, in the mid-twentieth century, decided to open a small family vinegar factory in 1920 to satisfy the number of friends and the best customers of his winery with a very welcome gift of vinegar. With a passionate drive, Ferdinando scoured the countryside to collect as many precious barrels. Some of these barrels were filled with vinegar over five generations old.

Silver Seal has a strong, sweet fragrance with thick, rich acidity and an intense bouquet. Plummy sweetness, cordovan color and delicate balance render this balsamic the leader in its category. Bottles are numbered and come boxed with an informative booklet containing the company’s history and recipes.

Plummy sweetness, cordovan color, and delicate balance render this balsamic the leader in its category.

  • Country of Origin France
  • Region NICE
  • Unit size 1/700 ML
  • Oil type Blend
  • Fruitiness Medium
A great oil to blend a mayonnaise and its derivative, rouille, made with the addition of garlic, roasted red pepper and saffron, their relative a garlicky aioli, or pistou, the French basil pesto used to enhance minestrone.
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