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Cavalli "Riserva Nando" Balsamico

Pack/Case Size 6/250 ML Italy
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Riserva Nando, named after Ferdinando Cavalli kept this for his personal use. Prune-like It is of a higher caliber than most condimenti because it is aged longer in small casks, resulting in a refined, intense flavor. It is an excellent addition to marinades, sauces, asparagus and salads. Aged for 5 years in chestnut and mulberry barrels.
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Unit size 1/250 ML
  • Tradizionales Region Reggio-Emilia
  • Vinegar type Condimentos
Meet The Producer Acetaia Cavalli Italy Tradizionale produced by Giovanni Cavalli, the legendary founding family of the Reggio-Emilia consortium... View Full Profile
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