Little Dishes from Spain


These small plates are perfect for gathering with friends and family.

Spanish tapas is one of my favorite things to serve when the weather warms up. My father-in-law was from Galicia, Spain, and he loved when I made this kind of menu for a tapas party.

Pan con Tomate

Tapas or Pintxos?

Depending on the region, these small dishes are known as tapas and pintxos in Spain. They are served in a communal setting, in tabernas, bars, and sidererías to accompany short alcoholic beverages. Ambient selections are displayed on the counter, and hot offerings are made to order. Moving from one establishment to another is customary to sample the fare as a prelude to dinner.

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Bloody Mary with Portomar Cockles

Conservas Portomar is Traditional and Sustainable Caught Seafood From Galicia, Spain

Deviled Eggs with Basque Pepper

For the sake of variety, stir in one of these: finely crumbled bacon, a bit of tuna, chopped black olives or capers. 

Salmorejo with Tuna

A recipe this simple depends on the quality of the ingredients. Use the highest quality Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sherry Vinegar.

Make this Soup

Conservas Portomar

You can serve these tinned cans along with potato chips dusted with Safinter Paprika, crusty bread, and olives.

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Catalan Pizza with Roasted Peppers and Onions

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